Culture Wars 6-Letter to Thyatira

The church at Thyatira drew a warning from Jesus because it was tolerating “that woman Jezabel” — permitting and tolerating a lifestyle that leads away from the truth. Pastor John observes that our society is so fame-oriented that it doesn’t matter if the source of that fame is infamous. In that respect, we’re no different from the church at Thyatira. Message delivered 8/30/09.

Culture Wars 5-Letter to Pergamum

In the letter to Pergamum in Revelation 2, Jesus warned the church against hanging out with the Balaam crowd. Why? Not because the Balaam teaching was to walk away from God. Rather, it is an active influence even today: “Take a look over here … why don’t you try this … it’s not so bad …” and leads us to tolerate and then to embrace sin. Message delivered 8/23/09.

Culture Wars 4-Letter to Smyrna

Jesus’ letter to the church at Smyrna in Revelation 2 teaches us that experiencing hard times in our lives does not mean we are doing something wrong. It could, in fact, mean we’re doing everything right. Message delivered 8/9/09.

Power of our words

Amy Minnich, a member of the N3C body, shares out of the book of James about the power of our words to inflict pain or to bless, and how controlling the tongue is such a challenge. Message delivered 8/2/09.