Eight important things God said

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In Moses’ encounter with God in Exodus 3, the Lord said eight things crucial to Moses then and to the church today. Former pastor Tom Brazell then follows up on that lesson with observations on why, if we know God’s will, we don’t do it. Delivered 5/31/2009.

Kingdom Character – Persecuted – Pt 10

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Jesus says that if the character traits identified in the first seven of the Beatitudes (in Matthew 5) are active in your life, he guarantees you will come under persecution. Because if these things are working in your life, people you interact with are going to have to make a decision.

Here’s a link to the video shown at the beginning of the message.

Kindom Character Pt 9 – Peacemaking

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Christians are called to be peace-makers in the church and the community: not trouble-makers! Peacemaking is a divine work that comes from a humble, gentle sergant’s heart, being spirit-led in how we approach our relationships. Message delivered 5/17/2009.

Being a godly woman

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The key to being a godly woman (or wife and mother) is being rooted in your identity in Christ. Message delivered 5/10/2009.

Mothers Day festivities at N3C included these videos:

The Mom Song

Really wrong things to say to your wife

Kindom Character – Purity – Pt 8

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Purity of heart, layered on top of being merciful, is key to being in proper relationship with others. Message delivered 5/3/2009.