Kingdom Character – Pt. 4 – Mourning, meekness

Pastor John Young concludes his teaching on the second Beatitude, “Blessed are those who mourn,” teaching that grieving is a necessary part of leaving the past behind and embracing the future. As we give our pain and torment to God, we can embrace what He has for us. Taking up “Blessed are the meek,” he says we can be reachable, touchable and gentle only when we get beyond being worried about what others think of us. Message delivered 3/29/2009.

Kingdom Character – Pt. 3 – Mourning

Jesus took the opportunity of his first public teaching to lay out the principles by which a Christ-follower must live. The “blessed are” passages are not just a random collection of character attributes, but represent a progression, beginning with honest realization of our spiritual bankruptcy without God, and continuing to right mourning for hurts and losses. Message delivered 3/22/09 by Pastor John Young.

Kingdom Character- Pt. 2 – Poor in spirit

Jesus launched his ministry with the sermon on the mount. Pastor John Young explores the primary statement in that teaching: Blessed are the poor in spirit. He says the Kingdom of God is about what’s inside, and it is given to those who realize that without God they are utterly bankrupt. Message delivered 3/15/2009.

Kingdom Character – Pt. 1

The qualities expressed in the “blessed are” verses of the Beatitudes are spiritual and not social: Jesus said this kingdom we are part of is not of this world, and the qualities and the character reflected can only be obtained through relationship. Pastor John Young says in this first of a series on the Beatitudes that, if we think we can live for God outside of anything but by getting to know him, spending time with him, reading the word, we’re mistaken. Our chance to make a difference in this community we live in or in the world is not going to come because of any great program we create. It’s only going to come from what we do that takes people to a deep relationship with their God. Message delivered 3/8/09.

Vision for N3C – Part 3

In the conclusion on his message series on his vision for New Covenant Community Church, Pastor John Young observes that it’s easy for us to base our lives on what we feel and see rather than on the objective truth of God’s word. For that reason, a big part of our vision for the church is going to be the processes that we go through that keep us looking at truth and put us in a position to reveal our hearts against the Truth. Message delivered 3/1/2009.