God’s course corrections

Rob Michaels, executive director of Global Tribe, shares how God, similar to a GPS, connects to our spirits through the Holy Spirit to send us navigational information and course corrections to get us to our ultimate destinations. He also shares about the ministry of Global Tribe and its Reach events in a message delivered 2/22/2009. Click here for a slideshow of the Reach 2008 event held in Tucson (it’s big … 80 megabytes … and requires Quicktime to view), done to The Newsboys latest single “In the Hands of God”.

Vision for N3C Part 2

In this portion of his message on his vision for New Covenant Community Church, Pastor John Young discusses spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth. We need to become more spiritually mature, accurately understanding ourselves by learning who God is and what he does for us. Emotions are good but need to be brought under God’s authority. To accurately apply scripture (which is God-breathed), it must be taught and learned in the intellectual realm. Message delivered 2/15/2009.

Vision for N3C Part 1

A large part of our Christian lives can be spent doing the things that we think we’re supposed to without grasping exactly why. Instead, we want to be doing things because we have embraced the reality of who Christ is in us. Pastor John Young begins a multi-message series on his vision for New Covenant Community Church, beginning with the philosophical aspect of what we’re going to be doing and why we’re going to be doing it. Message delivered 2/8/2009.

Process of a champion: Facing risk

David’s encounter with Goliath was a huge risk, yet he jumped right into. The reality was that David knew who God was which led him to understand who he was and what God could do through him. God prepared David to take the risk situationally and emotionally.Message delivered 2/1/2009.