Bridge to Reading

Connie Schwein works with African church leaders in Burundi to plan the initial test of the Bridge to Reading project in village churches.

Bridge to Reading is the International Literacy Project of One Mission Society (OMS).  It’s primary objective is to empower local churches to provide tutoring in reading, writing, and basic mathematics to teens and adults in the local church and surrounding community.

B2R works within OMS’ church planting networks and other discipleship and evangelism projects around the world. We work in countries with large populations of adults who have not learned to read.   Bridge to Reading is a powerful tool of evangelism that offers literacy tutors many opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their students.

One reason we support B2R is it’s training method was developed primarily by one of our members, Connie Schwein, and she and another member, Wendy McDermott, have adapted and developed its training materials.

You can learn more about the ministry at it’s website:

Wendy McDermott answers questions during training in Medellin, Colombia, in 2014.