Easter Choir 2019

Here are links to songs that we’ll be singing. Each heading has a YouTube video, the four (or 3) parts on piano, then rehearsal tracks for each voice part.

The rehearsal bits are split tracks, with the named part (Alto, Soprano, etc.) in the left channel and the other two or three parts in the right channel. That way, if you listen with earphones or can control the left/right balance, you can hear your part by itself or with the rest in the background.

More than Amazing

More than Amazing, All four parts
Soprano, More than Amazing
Alto, More than Amazing
Tenor/Bass, More than Amazing

It is Finished

It is Finished, all four parts
Soprano, It is Finished
Alto, It is Finished
Tenor, It is Finished
Bass, It is Finished

Christ, the Lord, is Risen Today

Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Soprano, Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Alto, Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Tenor, Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Bass, Christ the Lord is Risen Today

PDFs of sheet music




PDFs of guitar lead sheets