Message from Pastor John

These are the things I believe are most important in life; Knowing Christ, loving and serving God and the people he has placed in our life; Being an encouragement and conduit for acceptance and healing; Having a vibrant prayer life, filled with God’s Holy Spirit; Being led daily and knowing God’s voice and recognizing His guidance.

As a church we strive to be like Christ in all these areas. N3C endeavors to be a very safe place where you can be challenged to grow and mature. We are convinced that God’s Word holds the answers to life. Through countless experiences we have seen His wisdom, love and grace guide people through difficult and challenging times. So many do not have an accurate biblical view of life. My desire as Pastor is that people would grasp their identity in Christ and jump into life with other Christ followers. We are not called to worry about what we are not, but to embrace who God is and who He created us to be. Through prayer and dedication we believe N3C is a place where that becomes a reality in people’s lives.

We are a family oriented church open to everyone from every background. We do not judge, but do desire to hold each other accountable to live a life that pleases God. No one here is perfect. We rely on God’s grace and mercy everyday and look for ways to encourage one another. God is love, our desire is to show and share His love in real ways. Ordinary people, in everyday life, seeing extraordinary things because of God’s presence. Salvation is available to all because of the work of Christ on the Cross. Sounds religious, but when embraced becomes incredibly personal and life changing. We invite you to join us on this journey. Eternity is a reality.