New Covenant Community Church (N3C) met for the first time in 1979 in Bellmawr NJ. For several years, we had our Sunday morning worship time in a various rented auditoriums. In 1986, after a time of prayer and patience, we were able to purchase our current church facility. As the church grew, we felt a need to affiliate with an organization larger than just our local body. In 1986, we affiliated with Elim Fellowship, with offices in Lima, NY. Elim is a non-denominational fellowship of churches and ministries.

John Megaw served as the first pastor, with a tenure of 17 years. Pastor John laid the good foundation upon which we who follow are able to build.

From 1998 to 2004, Tony Martorana served as pastor. We are thankful for their contribution to a heritage, which has been enriched by them.

In August 2004, Pastor Tom Brazell came to pastor N3C, and served until the fall of 2008, when he became director of international ministries for Elim Bible Fellowship.

John Megaw returned as interim pastor until we called John Young as lead pastor.

John Young became the lead Pastor of N3C in February 2009. Pastor John was born and reared in South Jersey but came to us from Spring Hill, Tenn., with a strong background in missions, youth and young adult ministry. He was executive directory of ZJAM Youth Ministries (which now has transitioned to Revolution Generation).

God, over the years, has been faithful to His Word and to His people. N3C is more than a community in name only. It is a body of people growing in significant relationships. N3C recognized the call of God, rooted in His purposed for N3C. We recognize that we are to proclaim the kingdom of God, to be His witnesses from Audubon to the uttermost parts of the world.